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Powderhouse Plumbing, Inc.


Heating Services



Powderhouse Plumbing, Inc.Our heating department can offer you a wide variety of simple and sophisticated heating solutions, specializing in energy savings. A sample would include anything from a  set-back thermostat to a modulating multiple boiler system.  Call us for:
  1. Radiant Heat
  2. Baseboard heat
  3. Radiators
  4. Gas burners
  5. Oil burners
  6. Outdoor reset energy controls
  7. Boiler replacements
  8. Condensing boilers – up to 98% efficiency
  9. Steam boiler replacements
  10. Heating system inspections
  11. Hydro-Air Systems
  12. Gas Fire places
Powderhouse Plumbing, Inc.Emergency Service
In an emergency, you can rely on us.  Call our service number and we’ll respond as soon as possible, often within the hour. Our goal is to resolve the problem quickly and keep your home or business operational.


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